a food zine

Food is a common joy and topic of discussion. Food we love, food we crave; tastes full of memories, tastes that create new ones. We gather around the table to share company, stories, and of course, food!

So what better way to wrap up a nostalgic summer’s end?

This zine will be a collection of members’ most meaningful foods, in the form of recipe cards. Enjoy!

never enough coffee

We have Saturday-morning outings where we all hang out, have our daily dose of caffeine, share stories, and sketch.

Our love for this weekly outing led us to dedicate a whole zine to this newly found tradition. Something about meeting at a coffee shop as opposed to our usual SFU Surrey campus room really brought the club members together (who wants to hand out at school anyways?).

This zine gave our artists no restrictions, so long as the work somehow related back to coffee. After suffering through tight deadlines and painful facebook memes, we finally managed to put this together!

Enjoy the small preview below :)

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ice cream kingdom

welcome to the summer special - the ice cream kingdom.

stain your hands in ink

InkTober is an art initiative started by Jake Parker:

in October, challenge yourself to draw one ink drawing a day the entire month. On top, pick a theme or an aspect you’d like to improve or work on.

This is a small collection of the sfu dynamic sketching club’s collective participation.

Thanks to everyone that joined in, whether they submitted art to this zine or not! A day at a time, we’re all making something wonderful.

Enjoy the next 50 pages of art!